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Fresh PhD graduates climb Gänseliesel

New PhD graduates climb onto the fountain to kiss Gaenseliesel and give her flowers while cheering audience throws water bombs, this is an old tradition in Göttingen. Some Doctores grab water bombs that have not bursted and throw them back. Chemists like to pour liquid nitrogen into the fountain; agronomicsts sometimes bring a field sprayer. Fun and water everywhere. After changing into dry clothes, the graduates head to their institute for a graduation party.

Yang Xu (2018)

Karlovsky lab: Yang graduation party

Vincent Ayugi (2018)

Karlovsky lab: Vincent climbing Gänseliesel

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Maria Vinas (2018)

Karlovsky lab: Maria climbing Gänseliesel

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Riyan Anggriawan (2018)

Karlovsky lab: Riyan climbing Gänseliesel

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Anna Rathgeb (2017)

Karlovsky lab: Anna with Doktorhut

Anna actually graduated in Vienna but here you see her wearing a Goettingen Doktorhut and holding a small Gaenseliesel.

Pervin Akter (2016)

Karlovsky lab: Pervin at Gaenseliesel

Rosine Suchfort (2016)

Karlovsky lab: Rosine at Gaenseliesel

Mohammed Sherif (2016)

Karlovsky lab: Mohammed at Gaenseliesel

Yi Kuang (2014)

Karlovsky lab: Yi at Gaenseliesel

Raana Dastjerdi (2014)

Karlovsky lab: Raana at Gaenseliesel

Husam Ibrahem Aroud (2013)

Karlovsky lab: Husam at Gaenseliesel

Eva-Maria Becker (2013)

Karlovsky lab: Eva at Gaenseliesel

Katharina Döll (2013)

Karlovsky lab: Katharina at Gaenseliesel

Rehana Naz (2011)

Karlovsky lab: Rehana at Gaenseliesel

Sasithorn (Joy) Limsuwan (2011)

Karlovsky lab: Joy at Gaenseliesel

Water bomb firing

Karlovsky lab: Water bombs

Malte Beinhoff (2011)

Karlovsky lab: Malte at Gaenseliesel

Haiquan Xu (2011)

Karlovsky lab: Haiquan at Gaenseliesel

Awais Ahmed (2010)

Karlovsky lab: Awais at Gaenseliesel

Sabine Nutz (2010)

Karlovsky lab: Sabine at Gaenseliesel

Muna Ali Abdalla (2010)

Karlovsky lab: Muna Ali at Gaenseliesel

Nayuf Valdez (2010)

Karlovsky lab: Nayuf kissing Adam

Nayuf (Dr. Valdez) formally graduated in Hamburg but she worked in our lab since August 2007 till the defense of her thesis. The ceremony was held in March in Hamburg, where the graduates have to kiss an ugly statue of Adam. The supervisor has to pull a cart with the graduate who he/she supervised up to the statue. On the way back the fresh PhD and the supervisor switch roles to remind the student that life afer graduation is not going to be easy.

Philip Kössler (2009)

Karlovsky lab: Philip at Gaenseliesel

Philip's (Dr. Kössler's) hat was so marvellous that we had to show it in the inlet.

Astrid Ratzinger (2008)

Karlovsky lab: Astrid at Gaenseliesel

Arne Weiberg (2008)

Karlovsky lab

Jan Utermark (2008)

Karlovsky lab

Hernan Laurentin (2007, photo left) with Richard Splivallo

Karlovsky lab

The guy on the right picture is Richard (Dr. Splivallo) who graduated in Turin before coming to Goettingen. He just wanted to make the Gaenseliesel experience. Have you noticed his small hat? A journalist watching the scene asked Richard why his hat was so small and Richard answered - I hope it went into a published news - that his hat was small because he was Hernan's assistant.

Christoph Brandfass (2006)

Karlovsky lab